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  • 2014
    • March
      • New websites
        Visit my new website!

        This current website with this old blog will be migrated to the new soon.

    • February
    • January
      • New Facebook page
        This week I finally created a Facebook page dedicated to my technical hobbies including the Sinclair related projects:

        I will try to migrate this blog to that Facebook channel in the future, to have everything at one location.

  • 2013
    • October
    • August
      • Opus Discovery Quickdos 2.31 rom
        As this one isn't available anywhere else yet, I've uploaded it to my public server:

      • Betadisk (original) schematic and pinout
        I was searching for a betadisk interface schematic with connector pinouts and found it on World of Spectrum (only).

        But I think it's useful putting it online to be found more easily.
        So here it is!

    • April
      • Disciple GAL files
        It's about time to put the GAL files online for the Disciple disk interface for the ZX Spectrum.

        These can be used to replace a defective PAL chip.
        PAL chips are obsolete and not all universal programmers are able to program blank PAL chips.
        So it's far more easy to us

  • 2012
  • 2011
    • December
      • Hires Opus Discovery board pictures
        As I had the rare and awesome opportunity to be able to buy 5 or 6 Opus Discovery interfaces this year, and because I couldn't find hires pics of the board on Google, I thought it was time to upload some myself.

        Here's a video in which I'm dissassembling a floppydrive from

    • September
      • Stereo sound enhancement for any 128K ZX Spectrum model available
        I just opened a new topic on World of Spectrum (click here) with info about ordering the new stereo sound enhancement.

        It's a complete kit including stereo audio output socket and switch to choose between ABC and ACB sound.
        All is explained in this manual (click here).

  • 2010
    • November
      • Nostalgia in it's best way!
        I was able to harvest these wonderful items from my attic and some recent boughts:

        So this is how Clive ment computing!
        Nice and fun, but I'm happy I also joined the modern pc community ;)

        (unfortunately not all components are working; the interface one a

      • My 8-bit kids

        (Created with BMP2SCR_EXP)

    • September
    • April
      • Nice new lcd display for ZX Spectrum
        I found a nice lcd display on eBay, with 2 composite video inputs, and a 12V power connector.
        No remote, no buttons, simply give it 12V, and feed a video signal:

        It's only 3.5" in diagonal, but the resolution is 640x480, and the colors are very good!
        And th

      • 'Accidentically' flashed ESXDOS and wanna get back to FATWare?
        Someone flashed his DivIDE to ESXDOS, and asked me how to get back to FATWare.
        So I got my ESXDOS rom from the shelve, swapped it with my +DivIDE rom, and checked it out.

        It's not that hard:
        1. Get the FATWare flasher from somewhere
        2. Put it on your (FAT formatted) CF

  • 2009
    • November
      • ZX Spectrum 128K models: composite video output
        I'm working on a document that describes how to make a composite video output on the ZX Spectrum +2A / +2B / +3.

        The document also describes how to enhance the composite video signal on the 128K heatsink model and grey +2.

        Here's a half finished version: I hope to hav

    • April
      • Spectrum: Generations
        Hey, I found this keyboard at my daddy's room!

        Hmmm, these function keys are very hard to press...
        And what is that strange transparent room? Is it a USB hub?

        Can this keyboard take some pressure?

        I wonder if the keys